Manufacturing & Industrial

How Secure Is Your Factory or Plant?

Managing a secure manufacturing factory or industrial plant, while also overseeing employee safety, can be a challenge. This holds true especially with the pressures of a strict regulatory environment and ever-tightening budgets.

At Assertive Security,we understand your security concerns and therefore we work with you to develop a security solution that meets your specialized needs.

Industrial Security Guard services Los Angeles, CA Tailored To You

At Assertive Security,we are your ‘go to’ for total plant safety packages. With our industrial security expertise and excellent corporate safety record, it is no surprise that we are trusted by plant managers across the nation to secure both large and small facilities.

Highly Trained Professionals

Our highly trained security professionals are prepared to handle any emergency and alert you to issues as they arise. They can also perform other industrial security services including:

  • Escorting visitors
  • Checking fire extinguishers
  • Handling visitor reception, badging and sign-ins
  • Distributing mail and packages
  • Credentialing employees
  • Managing emergency and weather-related preparedness planning
  • Conducting job safety analyses (JSAs) relevant to their duties
  • Supporting loss-prevention, including visitor or employee searches
  • Performing lighting inspections

We Have the Manpower and the Technology

Technology provides necessary support to the security officers who monitor your facility. Our tech services consist of:

  • Real-time incident reporting
  • Mass communication applications
  • Statistics reporting for crimes
  • Visitor management system
  • Video monitoring services

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