Quality Assurance

Quality And Reliability Is What Sets Us Apart

When you choose Assertive Security to handle your cleaning needs, you can rest assured that we will uphold the highest of standards.

Make The Most Efficient Use Of Your Budget

At Assertive Security,we take pride in the expertise and organization of our cleaning staff. And you don’t have to worry much about wasted costs since we will make sure to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Here is a list of services you can expect:

  • A quality assurance process that includes on-site visits from our management
  • A fully trained quality assurance representative
  • Cleaning plans that include bi-annual reviews that encourage thorough solutions to any problems

We also hold our selves accountable to the guidelines detailed in your custom quality assurance plan.

Our Highly Trained Professionals

All of our potential employees complete a required training seminar before they start working. In this seminar, our potential employees:

  • Are introduced to our cleaning products
  • Learn the proper use of our specialized green cleaning equipment
  • Become familiar with our recycling programs
  • Undergo emergency training
  • Learn the evacuation routes and procedures for the buildings in which they work

We also provide ongoing training to our current employees, so that we can continue to offer top-rated service.

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