4 Tips for Safeguarding Your Residential Facility

Security officers with face masks

A residential facility is a place where people live, typically in a group home or senior care facility. But these facilities are at risk of being broken into by burglars, especially if they don’t have their own security. If you live or work in a residential facility, here are some tips on how to prevent burglaries from happening:

Install a CCTV System

A good camera system can help you monitor your facility, identify intruders and vandalism, and minimize theft and other property damage. The video footage can also be used to identify fires or floods that may occur in the building.

Access Control

The purpose of access control is to prevent unwanted and potentially dangerous people and things from entering an area or object. Access control can be enacted through mechanical locks on doors, proximity cards that get you into buildings by swiping them at a card reader, security guards who check visitors’ identification before allowing them in an area, or any number of other means.

Intercom System

A two-way communication system called an intercom. It enables residents to identify their caller before granting visitors access to their building. Due to the requirement that all visitors receive permission from residents before entering the building, the possibility of intruders entering the premises is reduced even further.

Manned Guarding

All of the aforementioned security measures are effective on their own, but when combined with manned guards, they will offer a comprehensive security program for your residential complex. One of the greatest security options for residential buildings is manned guarding. This is due to the fact that they are on-site and able to monitor both the CCTV and mobile patrols in addition to being physically there. In addition, a guard functions as a discouragement for thieves, vandals, and invaders; their sheer presence on the premises is sufficient to prevent crime.

Whether it’s technology or manpower, both are essential for monitoring your facility. You can’t always rely on one or the other to be enough. It’s best to use both forms of protection in order to keep yourself safe from intruders.

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