Access Control

Access Control At Your Convenience

No matter what your access control needs entail, here at Assertive Security, we have you covered. Whether you are responsible for a high-security environment that requires the highest level of access control, or a lower level security need, such as providing photo ID badges that allow or restrict employee access, you can count on our cutting-edge hardware, software, and technologies to control access to your facilities.

Here at Assertive Security, we have built our reputation on innovation and reliable service. We will work with you to plan and install an access control system that meets your unique needs. Our team is available to manage the access control equipment at your site, and we also offer access control systems for purchase or for lease.

Make TheMost Efficient Use Of Your Security Budget

The first step to our control system is card access for employees. When high security is needed, biometric authentication involving hand, finger, facial, and eye recognition can be added. These can be combined with: 

  • Gate access
  • Elevator access
  • Turnstile access
  • Telephone entry
  • Intercoms
  • Security cameras
  • And alarms

To truly secure and monitor your site.

You can manage Assertive Security access control systems on-site or remotely. We  recommend a system called Site-Control to manage any aspect of your facility, including:

  • Card access
  • Security cameras
  • Visitor entry
  • Fire and intrusion detection
  • Parking control

Our 24-hour customer support center manages your Site-Control systems, to help monitor any activity. Likewise, you can also access Site-Control, at any place and at any time, by simply logging into a web browser.

Our access control and security management systems can:
  • Provide secure access to a facility
  • Restrict access to sensitive or controlled areas within a business or facility
  • Maintain a safer work environment
  • Reduce theft of assets
  • Lock and unlock doors according to pre-set parameters
  • Deter violence and vandalism
  • Issue photo identification of employees
  • Provide access system audit reports
  • Track and manage visitors to a business or facility
  • Reduce security manpower costs
  • Avoid expensive re-keying when employees leave or when keys are lost, provided to unauthorized persons or copied.
  • Administer and control access to multiple facilities remotely through one interface
Assertive Security partners with top-rated manufacturers to provide the following services:
  • Magstripe (swipe) readers and cards
  • Proximity (prox) readers and cards
  • Multi-technology readers and cards
  • Barcode readers and cards
  • LCD keypad readers
  • Long-range readers
  • Biometric fingerprint readers
  • Biometric hand geometry readers
  • Biometric retinal scanners
  • Biometric facial recognition readers
  • Proximity (prox) key tags
  • Proximity (prox) key fobs
  • Photo ID card printers/Badging systems
  • RFID asset tags
  • Access management software
  • Access server and client hardware
  • Electric door strikes
  • Electromagnetic door locks
  • Door controllers

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