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A security guard, also known as a security inspector is a person employed to protect businesses, government departments, public places or employer’s property, business and the employees from various possible threats. A Security guard ensures safety by personally being at the spot or indirectly through CCTV camera surveillance or patrolling. Protection against theft and crime and providing safety in emergencies like accident or fire are the basic tasks of a guard. As per the level of safety, a guard may need to be well equipped with a suitable weapon. Having an armed security guard is always the best option. An armed guard in Reseda is generally required at the places with the moderate or high risk involved, for example, a court, a bank or a technology firm.

Armed guards in Reseda
Unarmed guards Reseda
Armed guard Reseda

A good security agency apart from weapons also includes advanced locks, shatterproof windows, and efficient manpower to be installed at the place and so does we. Assertive Security Services Consulting Group, Inc in Reseda makes use of the advanced and latest security gadgets and devices. Security officers are mostly uninformed to represent themselves. Our security unarmed guards clear all the required checks, which are set out as the requirements for eligibility, which also includes a background check. Hiring a trustworthy security system provides safety to the client’s agency unarmed guards in Reseda. Customers must hire the security service that aims at customer safety and have security as a sole business. The security company should offer a suitable uniform as per the occasion.

We provide armed guards in Reseda to all fields of life.

Based on the risk involved, a guard can have a weapon, mostly a gun at places involving the greater possibility of danger. However, there is part of their jobs, where they monitor the premises, that they are properly locked, prevent vandalism, maintain a proper record of all the people entering the campus from the documents like id cards or license or keep a check on the heating and cooling systems of the buildings they guard. In such areas, the risk of major crimes is low ant the guard need not have a weapon. Common examples of such places are houses, schools galleries or public places. But this doesn’t mean that they are barehanded. They may have non-lethal weapons, like capsicum spray, a baton, or in some areas a taser.

However, this doesn’t interfere with their ability to perform their job. Unarmed guards in Reseda have easy access to armed guards to seek help if required. Also for the hiring agency, hiring unarmed guards is financially easy as their duty per hour costs less than that of the armed guards in Reseda. Even in these cases, the guards need to pass the required test to get the security license and must have had proper training. When working with Assertive Security Services Consulting Group, Inc, you can be sure of trustworthy unarmed guards in Reseda.

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