Financial Institutions

Protect Your Financial Institutions

Make The Most Efficient Use Of Your Security Budget

When securing financial assets, and most importantly protecting the lives of employees, there is no room for error. This holds true especially at a time where threats to data security are constantly evolving.

That is why Assertive Security is here to help bring your company peace of mind by providing your institution with a tailored security solution. At Assertive Security, we provide cohesive financial security services that combine state-of-the-art technology with expert and experienced security officers.

We provide:

  • Access control
  • Parking security/patrol
  • Risk assessment
  • Executive protection
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Internal audit/investigation support
  • Excellent customer service

What We Can Cover:

Assertive Security provides armed or unarmed security guard services Sherman Oaks, CA and customized financial security services for different types of facilities including:

  • Retail branches
  • Corporate offices
  • Trading floors
  • Data centers
  • Lockbox areas

Our Financial Institution Training

Assertive Security’s security professionals help reduce risk through ongoing, industry-specific security training in:

  • External threats and workplace violence
  • Bank robbery procedures
  • Data center and call center protection
  • Knowledge of industry threats
  • Security’s role in compliance support and regulation enforcement
  • Identification of common crimes,including physical ATM breaches

Keep Your Facilities, Employees and Financial Assets Safe

At Assertive Security we understand the needs of banking and financial services facilities. We know that in such a location, a highly visible bank security guard Los Angeles, CA who is trained to recognize and respond to sensitive situations and potential threats must be present. That is why we work with you to develop a financial property security solution that meets your building’s specialized needs.

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