Fire / Life Safety

Be Prepared For Any Emergency

Research shows that in 2017, there were 1,319,500 fires reported in the U.S. These fires caused 3,400 deaths, 14,670 injuries, and $23 billion in property damage. These staggering numbers demonstrate the devastating effects of disasters such as fires. And because no one knows when and where a disaster such as a fire can strike, it is our responsibility to prepare ourselves for any possible dangers.

At Assertive Security, we make sure that our clients are well equipped to handle any, and all emergencies. We work with our clients to institute effective safety and health management systems and prepare our clients’ workers to handle emergencies before they arise.

Our team can provide emergency preventive protocol for any sized facility. We provide building-specific, web-based training modules for our clients’ tenants.

Fire and Life Safety Professionals

At Assertive Security, we also provide the training required to keep commercial buildings and facilities in compliance with safety codes, ensuring that our client’s buildings and their occupants meet all mandated local, state, and national standards.

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