Fire Watch Reseda CA

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Assertive Security Services & Consulting Group Inc provides on-site and mobile patrol security officers to residential and business clients throughout California. We are licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and dedicated to recruiting and retaining the most driven, experienced and skilled professionals to join our team.

Fire Watch Reseda

Fire Watch Reseda

Fire Watch Reseda

Assertive Security Services Consulting Group, Inc also provides a fire watch in Reseda. A fire watch is a type of security service used in an area that does not have automatic fire warning systems or if the existing one is not functional. Generally, a fire watch in Reseda is only a short-term solution for the time in which the fire systems can be repaired or installed. It is the act of watching for the occurrence of fires. It is done so that the fires can be detected early so that they can be put out quickly to minimize the damage to life and property.

Fire watches are often employed in dry areas where the risk of fires is high like industrial areas where hot works such as smoldering and welding are being done. A fire watcher should be a responsible person, who has complete fire suppression equipment with him. Our fire watch in Reseda has completed training to deal with fires in emergencies. The basic steps include; keeping a check o the work, keeping flammable materials away from fire, being in touch with emergency services and maintaining proper communication with everyone.

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Receiving substandard performance from a security officer is very disheartening. At a minimum, a security officer should act as a deterrent to crime simply by their presence and vigilance. Officers that show a lack of interest, responsiveness or urgency in protecting the property they serve, provide a gateway to crime and allow vandalism and theft prevail.