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A number of residents in Northridge are hiring security services to protect themselves and their businesses. If you also need a security officer in Northridge, you can contact a professional security agency like Assertive Security Group. We can provide you a highly trained and experienced security officer in Northridge, who will offer the best security to you. There are many types of security guards and Assertive Security Group can help you by providing the most suitable security officer in Northridge as per your needs and requirements. You may need to hire a security officer in Northridge for many reasons. Security guards patrol buildings and protect offices, houses, schools, malls, banks, shops, events and functions from any type of dangers and threats. Based on the building, number of people, type of event and the need, you may need to have a different security officer than that you probable have hired. Contact our team and we will guide you about the types of guards and the one, which is most suitable for you.

There are many different types of security officers. A Commissioned security officer in Northridge is armed personnel, who has completed a 30 hour training program and has a certificate of training completion from a reputed board. On the other hand, a non-commissioned security officer is an unarmed guard, who has completed current level 2 training course. Assertive Security Group has served a number of clients in the state and our team can help you by providing the best unarmed officers in Northridge. All of our unarmed officers in Northridge have received the best training and have gone through extensive background checks to make sure that you get the best security officers, who have a clean background and all the qualities of a good security guard. Another type of security officer is off duty police officer. Police officers may work in collaboration with security agencies and they are generally used to direct traffic. They have full arrest powers.

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You security officer in Northridge must have certain qualities that are must for any security guard. Armed officers are generally trained to deal with risks and offer a hands-on approach to any difficult situation. In contrast, unarmed officers in Northridge are generally trained to observe the surroundings, reporting the observations and work with public during any danger. Each state has different rules about how a security officer can get his security license. It is very important that a person has his security license before working as a security officer in Northridge. All of our security guards are suitably qualified and have the best experience to provide you the best security in Northridge. They will protect you, your event and your assets. They are always ready to face all types of situations and to provide the best security to you.

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Assertive Security is one of the fastest-growing security companies in the country. With years of experience providing top-rated service to our clients around the country, we have the expertise needed to handle the unique business regulations that affect your organization – no matter its size.

Assertive Security Group offers best armed and unarmed officers in Northridge. Our team has already helped hundreds of clients in Northridge and all of them rely on our professionalism and knowledge to get the best protection for them. Be it any occasion, our expert security firm can provide you a suitable security officer in Northridge. They have complete knowledge of all types of security gadgets and they use the latest techniques to achieve this. You can contact our team to get security services for residential and commercial areas. From us, you can get a security officer in Northridge for your house, office, shop, or other institutions like banks, malls, shops, museums, etc. We also offer personal security solutions. Call Assertive Security Group to get the best armed and unarmed security services in Northridge at the most reasonable prices.

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