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Assertive Security Group offers complete security solutions in Tarzana. Our team can provide you static guarding to guard homes and buildings, executive protection for personal security, mobile patrolling to protect larger areas and buildings and event security to properly manage your event and gathering. Security patrol in Tarzana offers an excellent way to safeguard your properties with help from security guards, who will work by patrolling the property along with video surveillance devices and inspection of access points and the entire building complex. You can choose security patrol in Tarzana to save your valuables and assets very effectively at a very reasonable price. If you live in a locality or a housing society, you can also get the courtesy patrol in Tarzana.

Security Patrol Assistance Protect Your Assets With Professional Patrol Officers

Talking about the duties of security patrol in Tarzana, their prime duty is client safety and security. Officers on security patrol aim to prevent any live and property damage by reporting and suspicious activity and dealing with violators of laws and rules. They have the right to issue warnings. In case of any critical condition, they must know the basic steps that must be taken in case of an emergency. They need to have best response techniques for emergency situations, which may include a mishap, an accident or firebreak. In such situations, they are required to inform the respective authorities like police, medical team and fire control. They are hired to save properties from theft and vandalism to provide a safe environment for workers in commercial places. They make sure that there is no instance of vandalism, accident, theft or trespassing.

Security Patrol Tarzana
Security Patrol in Tarzana
Courtesy Patrol in Tarzana CA

A slightly different term from security patrol is courtesy patrol. Both the terms are almost similar, with only difference being that in courtesy patrol in Tarzana, the patrol officer lives onsite. These are generally related to household properties as the security officer gets an apartment in the locality and provides security patrolling in lieu of discounted price for the apartment. It offers a better sense of relief as the residents know that in case of any emergency, the security’s help is just a few blocks away. As the officer lives close to the residents, they generally have a friendly relation and know each other. On courtesy patrol in Tarzana, the security officer is not bound to wear a formal uniform.

Our Round-the-Clock Patrols Can Benefit You By:

–          Promoting a safe and secure workplace environment

–          Discouraging vandalism, trespassers, and theft

–          Providing immediate responses to emergency situations

–          Detecting and alerting you to emergencies including fires, water leaks, or power outages

–          Quickly notifying local law enforcement and ER services in cases of emergencies

Generally off-duty police officers offer courtesy patrol in Tarzana. In this case, they have prior police training and experience, which make them highly suitable for the job. However, you need to keep in mind that for courtesy patrol in Tarzana, there is no specific type of license or formal training. Also, an off-duty policeman may not offer effective courtesy patrol in Tarzana as he may be called any time by the police or may not perform his job properly because of work load. If you want to get the best security patrol in Tarzana, Assertive Security Group can help you. Our team can get the best Courtesy patrol in Tarzana, which will offer complete safety to you and your property. Rely on our knowledge and experience to get the best security services for you.

We Provide Complete Accountsof Each Patrol

In order to help you to keep tabs on your security, we provide detailed accounts of each patrol. Such accounts include activity logs and written reports when situations run as expected, and incident reports when officers notice anything out of the ordinary.

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