Six Key Advantages of Hiring Security Guards for Retail Business

Los Angeles, California– The news has reported a surge in crime at retail locations in the area. According to reports from the Los Angeles Police Department, there have been several robberies and burglaries at locations throughout the city.

Monitor Suspicious Activities

A security guard watches over suspicious activities and discourages shoplifters and other criminals. They can provide a constant, visible presence for your store by conducting foot patrols, monitoring CCTV cameras, and responding to emergencies. We employ highly trained guards who can recognize verbal or non-verbal behavioral cues that indicate someone may be planning to steal merchandise or cause other issues in your store.

Avoid Risks

To protect your business from risks, you can seek ways to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. It may involve adequate employee training, property inspections, maintenance, or a security plan. Security guards are part of the security plan that helps reduce these risks for business owners.

Prevent Shoplifting

Shoplifting costs US retailers billions every year. For this reason, some burglars will watch your store, and they can arrange when to enter your store without being observed or captured. As this crime has spread, thieves have become bolder. Increased theft puts your business and customers in danger, and shoplifters are less likely to try anything if security guards are on the premises.

Immediate Response To An Emergency

Guards on duty assist in avoiding theft and fire. Assist with evacuation and call for assistance in the event of a fire. A store guard can also limit theft by responding quickly to any incident. You will get a rapid emergency response team by hiring security guards. In an emergency, they can call 911, and security guards on the scene will help you resolve a fire, robbery, or medical emergency.

Improved Customer Service

Customers can feel safer and more welcome when security officials are present. They can help avoid theft and disruptions by influencing other people’s conduct. Security officers are well-versed in customer service and first aid and will respond quickly in an emergency. They can also help consumers find their way around the building.

Enhanced Overall Security

A security guard can make you feel safer and more secure in the workplace. Also, knowing that a security guard is on duty can reassure customers. Choosing the right guard for your company is essential for security planning. The size of your business, its location, and the likelihood of theft or vandalism will determine how many guards you need. 

We Can Help Protect Your Business

Hiring a security agency gives you peace of mind. Stop worrying about your employee’s safety. We can help you prevent shoplifting, vandalism, break-ins, robbery, employee assaults, customer theft, and assaults. Contact Assertive Security Services in Los Angeles for more information at 855-482-7355.

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