Site Services

Private Security Services 

Rely On Us To Protect Your Establishment and Property In today’s dicey world, your facility,employees, and assets may be at risk to threats. Together, our staff and technology provide the protection you need to feel safe and assured.

Manpower and Technology

Assertive Security’s security officers are well-trained security experts. Our professional team train on-site in order to gain invaluable knowledge about your company and facility. This means that their knowledge and expertise is specific to you.

Likewise,our advanced technology system provides vital support to the security officers who monitor and patrol your facility. Our security officers know how to effectively use the security system designed for, and installed in your facility.

We Can Help You With:

  • Visitor management/lobby presence
  • Vehicle patrol
  • Armed security professionals
  • Physical security consulting
  • Fire life safety training
  • Burglary and fire alarm monitoring
  • Threat awareness and situational intelligence
  • Access control
  • Floor warden training and fire drill assistance
  • Remote video monitoring
  • Autonomous Data Machines (Robots)
  • Video surveillance
  • CyCop security management software
  • Emergency preparedness training
  • Individualized industry training
  • Executive protection

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